The Igbo’s want Biafra,The North wants Igbo’s exit,The Yorubas want Igbo’s exit:-By Wole Soyinka (Must Read)

The Igbo’s want Biafra

The North wants Igboo’s exit

The Yorubas want Igbo’s exit

The Igbos are saying “we have investments in your areas and cannot leave them”

And the fight is being cooked.

Governors are sharing bailout funds

Workers salaries are not paid

Government officials have their children schooling abroad

Ministers and senators are looting

The poor Hausa man is riding Okada

The poor Igbo man is riding Okada

The poor Yoruba man is riding Okada

The poor Hausa man sleeps under the bridge as Alamajiri

The poor Yoruba man sleeps under the bridge as Alaye

The poor Igbo man sleeps under the bridge as agbero

It is pertinent to note that the poor from all ethnic groups in Nigeria have everything in common and so is the rich.

Do not allow the agitation of an Igboo man who lives in UK or USA for Biafra cause the killing of the Igbo man in Adamawa. 

The problem in the country is not the agitation of any ethnic group but the unity of the elite and the disunity of the masses.

How many times have you taken your agitation to question your local government Chairmen?

Why have you not asked your Governors through agitation how they spent bailout fund?

Why have you not agitated against that government official whose mansions you go to beg for help?

Sad to note;

All the Governors love themselves

All the past Presidents love themselves

All the senators love themselves

All the top government officials love themselves

All the looters love themselves

Why can’t you and I love ourselves?

Why cant we combine efforts and fight them?

Why do we fight ourselves?

Why do we allow them the freedom we don’t have?

Remember; a good Nigeria is better than a good Arewa, Oduduwa or Biafra.


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