After a Night with him,He Couldn’t Even Give Me a Transport Fare The Next Day, Some Men Have Wound On Their Hand:-Her Majesty

This post from @herroyal1majesty is despicable and yet funny at the same time as this is what girls who fail to place a value on their self deserve and should correct their ways

in her post she reckoned on how she spent the night over at a guys place and the next morning the guy didn’t even give her money for transport

she further described the guy as one of those guys who have “wound on their elbows ” (guys who are stingy) and hence she referred to him as Ex We can only wonder what our generation is turning into as in the old it was a taboo for a lady to sleep over at a man’s place who is not her husband, but now a girl can come out in the open ,to tell you of her Forbidden experience at a guys house overnight.

Women should really place a high value on themselves and know they have great potentials to equal the men

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