Just 2 Days To My Wedding I Found Out The Secret My so called Husband Has Been Hiding

Everyone was so happy that I was finally getting married, to a man that really loves me. All planning and expenses were taking taking of by him. Family members had traveled in from far and near in preparation for the main day.

I was with my husband to be and we were making all our last minute arrangements. He went to the bathroom to have his shower.

While in the shower his phone started ringing and he asked that I just leave it till he comes out, but the phone kept ringing so I decided to pick. I heard the voice of another woman over the phone and when she heard my voice she asked where is the owneer of the phone, So I asked who she was, and she answered that she is the wife to the phone owner. I was confused ajnd the same time my husband to be was coming out of the bathroom, and I handed over the phone to him and asked to talk to his wife. He was shocked and i could see guilt written all over him. Apparently he had a wife abroad with kids which he never told me. His plan is to just make me the Nigerian wife.

How do I handle this situation.

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