Two Men Mr Isaiah Boshi, and Victor Okafor Arrested For Turning A Whole Family Into Logs Of Wood

In a viral video that is now trending on social media, one Mr Isaiah Boshi, and Victor Okafor were both arrested on the 25th of March 2020 for allegedly turning a whole family to logs of wood for rituals.

In Gwer West, Benue state, the family of Mr Peter Orton James, were declared missing on Monday. This however implicated their neighbours as many were arrested as suspects for interrogation.

Mr Michael Samuel who is a relative disclosed that he paid a visit to the victim’s family and discovered that as at 11pm, no body was home and the doors were left open.

Unfortunately, without knowing that his Cousin’s family had been kidnapped for rituals. However, as at yesterday, after the case was reported to the police of a missing family, investigations were made and traced to the last persons who visited them, and it was an unknown men who claimed the lost their way in the community and branched to seek for help on the road to follow.

A boy who was a witness (name undisclosed said he saw them entering the house with nothing and then leaving with logs of wood).

The boy described them, and said that he thought that they came to buy firewood from the man not knowing that they came with evil deeds.

The police were brilliant to locate this men at a travelling park, as they waited for a bus to to board with intentions to travel to Kaduna.

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