My Boyfriend that I helped Dumped Me The Same Day He Arrived In Canada – helpless Lady Cries

A lady alleges that her boyfriend was deported back to Nigeria from Europe about 20 years ago and only for her to do everything possible to help him come over to Canada hoping that they would get married.

According to her, the day the boyfriend arrived at Canada airport another lady picked him up from the airport and for two weeks now she has not set eyes on him.
See her story as shared by relationship expert Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah.

“Hello Osigwe how are you doing?

Well, I do hope you can chip in one or two for me.

My fiance was deported from Europe about twenty years ago and since then he has been doing nothing in Benin City.
When he was about twenty he was caught shoplifting in Europe and that was how he was deported and damaged his travelling documents.

Since then I would come over to see him in Nigeria a couple of times, I have assisted in setting up businesses for him on different occasions, he always ended up going bankrupt so we discussed and he said it was better he comes over to join me in Canada.

That was how I started a tedious process of getting his travel documents ready. It took me about a year with a huge budget.

Finally, months ago his papers came out, I still went out of my way to pay his ticket, send him money for logistics and other things he needed to put in place before coming.

Two weeks ago my fiance arrived in Canada and to my astonishment, another lady came to pick him up.
Since then till now I have not seen him. This was the same person that said he knows no one in Canada.

Please how do I get my man back? any special way I can reach out?

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