Why I Turned a Blue Film Actress And Dumped my Vows Colombian-born Former Reverend Sister:- Yudy Pineda

A Colombian-born Reverend Sister, from Ituango, North Colombia, who suddenly decided to quit her convent and turned a blue film actress after eight years of service, has revealed the real reason she decided to dump her vows.

Yudy Pineda a beautiful mother of two, agreed that her original calling was to serve God, revealing how she was drawn to church at a very young age.

“I went to Uraba and i was at school when nuns (Reverend sisters) came to visit us, and i knew then that i wanted to do that.”

Pineda at the age of 10, eventually entered the convent, and started training with the hope of becoming a Reverend Sister. According to her, she was very happy there.

On Why She Dumped Her Vows.

As Ms. Pineda got older, she fell in love with her religious teacher and then she decided to quit her covenant and find a job somewhere else outside the church service.

“I talked to the sister and told her that it was not right what I was doing, I had fallen in love, and I left the convent,” said the blue film actress who also revealed that her priest tried discouraging her from taking up her new job, but she ignored, because her new career choice was decent and artistic.

She further revealed that, at first she felt bad about her decision, but now, she is fine.

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