COVID19 :Two women came to him in a restaurant and offered themselves for the 21 days lockdown.

The lockdown is starting on Thursday midnight and everyone is already moving up and down buying essentials for themselves that will cover them for the next 21 days of the country lockdown.

Whilst others are angry about the country lockdown others are getting moments to quarantine with their loved ones. Well not everyone is going to be with their families.

A man just posted a picture of himself and two women in bed.

These women came to him in a restaurant and offered to themselves for the 21 days. He says he was shocked and he didn’t believe these two women and thought it was a joke.

They further told him that they don’t want any money as long as he is going to feed them for the 21 days period. He didn’t trust what these women were saying, then they left together and went to his house, he said that the women started to undress him and themselves and seduced him.

”These women were very submissive and I feel very lucky and also I didn’t know what was I going to do during this lockdown “, the man said with excitement on his face.

He says that the only thing that he needs right now is to buy more food and then he’ll leave the rest to the ladies.

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