Picture of Saudi Arabia prince who has been sleeping for 14 years. (Sleeping Prince)

As for many who has not heard yet, the brings of Saudi Arabia has reportedly reportedly been in a coma for the past 14 years.

Popularly called the ‘sleeping prince’, Khaled bin Talal bin Abdulaziz Al Saud the Saudi Arabia prince was 18 years old when he went unconscious following a car accident in London.

The incident which happened in 2005 took him into a coma and was hospitalized in a special health facility in Rihadh, Saudi Arabia.

It is reported that doctors resolved to detach the devices and life support machine but his father did not consent to the idea with hopes that something miraculous would happen and his son will be revived.

It was allegedly reported that the Sleeping Prince made a slight move of his head, as he turned from the right to the left side and back and his family rejoiced in hope that he will one day be fully restored to a normal state.

Its worth mentioning that the prince is a member of the Saudi Royal family born on 10 January, 1962; he is the full brother of prince Al Walled Bin Tahl.

His father once said “Allah who saved his soul for more than a decade now is able to bring him back to life”.

We all pray that God restore him back to life.

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