Unspeakable Oh God! Look at what this man is doing with this little girl in his bedroom. #Childabuse(Pictures)

Look at what this man is doing with this little girl in his room. Child abuse

Wonders shall never end. What is this world turning into? Even when we are complain of coronavirus, people are busy committing the unspeakable. I was going through my watsapp and a lady who’s name was disclosed shared a video on biochemistry group chat of how a little girl is been abused by a man in his room.

See the screenshot of the unspeakable incident 

See the comment people in the group chat made concerning the video

Okams said may this man never know peace even inside the grave. Wat are u saying is it not someone dat thought her??do u know how long this man have subjected her to this? Nothing justifies this nne. Even if she knows wat she’s doing why ll a man of that age do this? God knows I hate paedophiles

Mike said my God control what kids watch this days and be also said that Paedophiles deserve to die. But i think parents should fucking pay attention to their children and stop fucking being only concerned about their careers

Praise said, this is not a justification to this paedophilic act….Sure dis not d first time so d gal has mastered it, it’s not her fault.U can’t tell the threat from this man. She has no option.

Please parent, look after your children. Know where they go. Put close eyes on your child. This world is not save anymore

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