One killed,many injured as hoodlums with dangerous weapons disrupt peace meeting in Amuwo Odofin area of Lagos Lagos

There was pandemonium at a peace accord meeting between Kuje Amuwo Royal family in Amuwo Odofin area of Lagos and the Fagbile family when hoodlums numbering about thirty stormed the meeting with dangerous weapons killing one Olohunyo Debo and injured many.
The attack allegedly masterminded by a political thug in the state injured a family head, Alhaji Monsuru Akande and also damaged his vechile.
In a petition written to the Inspector General of Police by the Kuje Amuwo Royal family through their lawyer, Ayodele Omoniyi, the family demanded for the arrest of perpetrators of the attack including one Segun and Ayokunle among others.
The family also demanded for an inquisition to determine whether a former Surveyor General who allegedly extended invitation to representatives of Kuje Amuwo Royal family to attend the peace meeting had a foreknowledge of the planned attack on the family.
According to the petitioner there had been misgivings and allegations of trespass on a disputed land between the Kuje Amuwo Royal family and the Fagbile family who allegedly engaged one Alhaji Alado as their agent.
The petitioner stated that in order for peace to reign both families contributed money to engage a neutral surveyor to verge out area of trespass but the involved parties were yet to meet physically on the land to map out the boundaries.

The Kuje family further stated that recently the family received invitation from the surveyor engaged by the two families to meet on the land so that the two families will be shown their boundaries.
The petition reads “our client thought it was a move towards peace but little did they know that it was a trap which our clients innocently walked into.
“It was a war like situation as armed bandits swamped on them like bees using deadly weapons like guns, machetes, rods and planks on them”
“The hoodlums descended on Alhaji Monsuru Akande, damaged his vechicle and ordered him to frog jump while his phone was forcefully confiscated by the suspects.
The petitioner urged the police to fish out other suspects among them are Ikechukwu (aka IK) Inspector Agoro, Musiliu Menomo, Keshinro (aka Olori squard), Idowu , and Samson Idowu among others
The Kuje Amuwo Royal family lamented that the attack was a needless waste of life which must not be swept under the carpet.
“These wanton display of naked power, needless attack and violent conduct must be discourage by sending a clear signal that the law abhor same”

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