Keeping Up With polygamous Tanzanian Doctor Who Sleeps With 2 Of His 3 Wives In One Bed

A polygamous man in Tanzania came out to reveal that he shares a bed with two of his three wives and is enjoying life quite much.

Jj Mwaka made this surprising revelation in an interview with Tanzania leading media Clouds Media. Mwaka said that he was driven by greed to tie knots with three women and saw no need in hiding them from each other and things have turned out so well because the four have a really good relationship.

All three women have their own houses but that does not stop the second and third wife from sleeping in the same bed with their beloved husband when together. However, the first wife is omitted as a sign of respect due to her age according to Mwaka,

“We do sleep together with my two later wives but not with the first. The age difference is quite huge and there are stuff that we do with these two (pointing at the wives) but not with my first.” 

It is quite difficult to understand how the three women came into terms with this reality and the first and second wife said that at a certain point when Mwaka started going out with the third wife, they were not of the idea he would settle down with her.

She went on to reveal that it took the power of social media to show their husband that they knew what his intentions were in dating the lady but later decided to accept her in their already big house,

“During our vacation where we meet as a family, my co-wife revealed to me it was a serious union and we decided to find out where she lived,” she spoke on them planning to find out who doctor Mwaka was hiding. “We went to her house but unfortunately we did not find her. So we took pictures with her child and posted them on our statuses to notify our husband that we had found out his secret,” she added.

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