Shameless couple Caught having Sex In front of Passengers In The Bus While Traveling to Imo from Lagos

Wanders they say shall never end. 

Shameless couple couple caught having sex  in a bus in front passenger while traveling from Lagos on the road to Imo state, on 17th, March,2020.

According to the report, 

The couple were seen engaging in various sex acts for about five minutes as the woman was on top of the man swinging, there intentions is, they believe everyone had slept off in the bus but was snap by a passenger in the bus.

After five minutes the footage stops but is not known when the couple stopped antics.

Wonder they said shall never end truly. 

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Having sex in a public place feels forbidden ‘it is illegal, mind you’ and the chance of getting caught with your hands dirty literally, probably, gets adrenaline pumping. Plus, if you are in a long term relationship, going at it in the wild can spice things up, especially if you feel your sex life has plateaued lately, Engle says. You will get creative just think about all the scheming and on the fly thinking and bring those vibes back behind closed doors.

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