Chinese Doctor,Dr Dr Dongcheng Makes Breakthrough On #Coronavirus Cure

The current surge of the cases of Coronavirus disease across the world might soon be a thing of the past as a Chinese doctor has made a stunning treatment discovery.

The Wuhan-based medical expert, Dr Dongcheng Wu claims to have successfully treated nine ageing Coronavirus patients using stem cell therapy. He carried out the new treatment procedure this month and the patients recovered.

Dr Wu reportedly injected ‘Human Umbilical Cord Mesenchymal Stem Cells’ into the veins of the nine patients and the recovery process was triggered. According to the doctor, this treatment procedure could save numerous lives but first, he needs to complete the stages of clinical trials which is the standard procedure.

The stem cells used were extracted from the umbilical cord placenta which is a waste. Medical research has it that stem cells could help in building a life as they can develop into other cells on their own. They are also known to help fix injured tissues in the human body.

The sad aspect of the development is that this form of treatment isn’t hitting the world market anytime soon as it needs to be vetted by local and international health organisations.

The doctor’s company is presently enjoying massive funding across the world as countries move to contain the virus which has killed almost 9,000 people.

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