3 Indigens of Akawibom state confessed,”We Take Drugs Just To Get Pregnant And Sell The Babies After Delivery

Three young women discloses how the use drugs to get pregnant instead of sleeping with men just to sell the babies and make money.

It is no longer news that women can now take drugs just to get pregnant, the 3 women on the scene are indigens of Akawibom state, the confessed of how the took drugs to get theirselfs pregnant then sell the baby once the deliver.

According to the 3 Young women the said the have been on the business for 2 years now, the disclosed a particular maternity home in akawibom located at airport road, where the doctor in charge issues out drugs to anybody who wants to be pregnant without sleeping with a man.

According to the ladies alot of women come to the maternity home to buy the drugs on daily basis, without disclosing what the want to use the babies for.

One of the lady by name ekaette etim said “that the drugs is very expensive and is always ship in by the doctor in charge from China, once you take the drugs you will get pregnant in some days without sleeping with man then after 9 month of the pregnancy you give birth to either a boy or a girl.

It was a surprising thing to hear that one can now get pregnant without sleeping with men, but nothing in life that not possible.

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