BREAKING:APC Acting Chairman Victor Giadom accused as A PDP man.plan by Obaseki, Amaechi and others to make him chairman is to destroy APC.

The trouble in the ruling All Progressives Congress(APC) is deepening and the battle ground widening as both Oshiomhole’s men and Governor Godwin Obaseki’s faithfuls go for final onslaught before the Court of Appeal’s judgement tomorrow.

The Oshiomhole’s men are accusing the deputy national secretary of the party, Victor Giadom as APC man at daytime and a member of the People’s Democratic Party(PDP) at night.

This apart, the Oshiomhole’s men are also saying that appointing Giadom as chairman of APC as being proposed by the Obaseki’s group is “close to call” in the home of PDP’s lion of the South South, Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State.

They did not stop at that as they believe Wike will dismantle the structures of the party and make it premature under Giadom.

They said Giadom as a former PDP man should not be trusted as the powerful governor of Rivers State would infiltrate the rank and file of the party.

“The plan by Obaseki, Chuibike Amaechi and others to make Giadom the chairman is to destroy APC.

“By the way, are we sure that Giadom is not Wike’s boy”, he queried.

The strong partyman disclosed that the beginning of the end for APC as a ruling party would come if Giadom is made chairman.

“We know Wike will snuff life out of APC. Who is Amaechi that can’t win even his own local government to Wike? The greatest problem is that APC”s trouble is midwifed by people who can’t win election.

“Look at the Obaseki, this is a man who can’t win election in his ward”, he fumed.

he Obaseki/Amaechi group has called for the outright removal of Oshiomhole for peace to return to APC

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