“My Husband of 2 years stopped having time for me and I started sleeping with his best friend”


A Nigerian Nigerian woman (Name withheld) narrates how she sleeps with her husband’s best friend, because her husband stopped having time for her.


“I have been married to John, my husband for about two years now but I find myself sleeping with his best friend.

“My husband and I started dating when we were in the university. John has a best friend from his school days called Dave.

“John, Dave and I were all friends in those days until I later got married to John.

“To be honest, I had a crush on Dave back then in school but due to some circumstances, I had to bottle up the feelings. However, I never stopped admiring him from afar.

“John was an outspoken guy. He came from a wealthy family. He virtually did not lack anything while in school.

“John was very supportive financially when we were in school. He helped out with my school fees and other expenses. I owe him a lot for the assistance he rendered throughout my education.
I guess I accepted his proposal for a relationship with me because I felt I was indebted to him.

“After our graduation, we got married. I thought my feelings for his best friend would die down and I will learn to love John but I was wrong. The feelings never left.

“Barely a year after our marriage, my husband completely changed towards me. He started keeping late nights. He barely had time for me, his wife.

“I confronted him several times but he gave me sarcastic and insulting responses that he was out there making money for the both of us since that was what attracted me to him in the first place.

“I was beginning to lose interest in the marriage. I decided to contact his best friend, Dave to help me talk to him but all his friend’s effort were unsuccessful.

“Dave was very sympathetic and caring. He call to check up on me almost every day.
He could tell I wasn’t enjoying my marriage which was just two years old.

“Dave kindness towards me reignited the feelings I have tried so hard to bury. Whenever, my husband was away on business trips, I invite him over to keep me company.

“At first, I kept it strictly on old times friendship level only but at time went on, I couldn’t hold my feelings any longer. I opened up to Dave about it and how I waited for him to ask me on a date then before his friend won me over.

“Dave’ response surprised me. He told me that he also had feelings for me but couldn’t tell me about it because his friend had interest in me back then in school.

“It was in this moment of truth that for the first time I cheated on my husband with his best friend.

“I felt bad about it but the absence and attitude of my husband wasn’t helping matter.
Rather, it made me go back to his best friend for more.

“I know this is wrong. I am a married woman sleeping around with another man who happens to be my husband’s best friend.

“I want to stop but the feelings are just too strong. Right now, I’m caught up in the middle and I don’t know what to do.

“Despite the fact that I am not enjoying my marriage with John, I still feel guilty for cheating on him severally.

“What should I do now? I am so confused because I love Dave but I also have an obligation to my husband.

Kindly advice me…

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