President Vladimir Putin was publicly asked by a beatiful lady to marry her, See his response and it was very clever

On Friday (March 6) local time, Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the western Russian city of Ivanovo. “Marry me,” a young girl told Putin in public.

Comprehensive foreign media reported on March 6 that Ivanovo city is known as the “bride city” due to its well-organized efforts to encourage childbearing. On Friday (March 6), Putin first visited the children’s clinic after arriving in Ivanovo city. Putin inspected several departments in the clinic, including treatment room, eye room and so on.

The chief doctor introduced him to the work of the clinic.

Putin then went to the local parachute factory, which dates back to the 1920s. Workers showed Putin colorful parachutes and took the opportunity to ask questions of interest.

On the way, Putin and the local people talk, a young girl in public to Putin said: “marry me.” Mr. Putin was confused at first, but later he came back and said a few words to the girl, who thanked him in the end.

“The city of Ivanovo is known as the bridal City,” Putin said. “Today I was invited as well.” He pointed out that the girl who invited him would be known throughout Russia.

At a press conference on December 20, 2018, Putin was “urged to get marriied”. The reporter asked Putin two questions: “when and with whom do you marry?” “As a decent person, sooner or later I’ll be married,” Putin said

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