Ben Nnamdi 29 years old guy, Stabs A Thief To Death While Trying Collect His Phone Along The Road In Lagos

29 year old man Ben Nnamdi who stabs a thief to death was arrested by Police Command Headquarter Lagos Island, on Wednesday, 4th, 2020.

According to the report gathered,  Mr Ben was passing by along the long, he observed a strange kind of follow up by this stranger behind him, and as a new person who just came to Lagos from warri took action immediately.

He said to have heard a lot of cases where thieves will snatch people’s items and go away with it, since then, he has been going around with a peices of broken bottle kept in his small shoulder bag.

The suspect, stabs this thief to death while attempting to collect his phone on the road.

He took his phone on the floor and try to move before he was now arrested by Patrol Security who are passing by.  On the strength of the report,  He was arrested, but pleaded not guilty as he claimed that to be a self defense. 

The case is yet to be charged to court as the investigation is still on going.  What is your take on this? 

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