Abisola Opeyemi was pregnant when she gained admission,the man responsible denied it,now i am a graduate(Read her story)

A Nigeria lady with the name Abisola Opeyemi is one of the NYSC member who recently passed out. Out of excitement she took to Facebook to post how she survived agaunst all odds to become a graduate.

So I got to know I was pregnant same day I saw my name on the school admission list,I had mixed feelings. The matter got worse when the dude responsible said if I won’t be evacuating it,then I must keep it a secret..Till when?? I don’t want to defer my admission after sitting home for over 2years and I don’t want evacuation..

I have to keep this to myself and pretend as if everything is right I said to myself at least till I get to school…But it wasn’t so for a long time as someone called my mom that one of her daughters was pregnant..Me that I always use sanitary pad in her presence every month for three months before the matter cast..I couldn’t deny it.

Matters got worse for me when his mother deny the pregnancy and he rejected me after he got to know that his mother had known about it..It wasn’t easy for me attending classes with the pregnancy and at the same time with the hurt I carried in my heart…

Had my baby through ceaseran section. My experience in school was hot,dealing with the pain in my heart and struggling to live.I wanted to quit schooling at a time because I thought I could make it with something else… I’m happy I didn’t and thanks to my parent. I scaled through. I am a graduate and my princess is gonna be seven by August.

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