Ronaldinho and his brother have been reportedly arrested for entering Paraguay with fake passports.

According to Paraguayan journalist Soledad Franco, Ronaldinho and his brother have been arrested for entering Paraguay with fake passports.

His fake passport shows his correct name, birthplace, and birthdate, but it falsely suggests that he’s a naturalized Paraguay citizen.

According to La Nacion, passports were found in the hotel bearing the names of Ronaldinho and Roberto with Paraguayan nationality.

Both the brothers remain in the hotel suite with Paraguayan authorities set to issue a statement on Thursday morning.

An official statement from the Paraguayan police said Ronaldinho and his entourage had been invited to Paraguay by casino owner Nelson Belotti.

The Brazil international was expected to hold several publicity events with the media invited to witness his interaction with fans and dignitaries.

Ronaldinho is currently without a Brazilian passport because of an environmental fine he received in 2018.

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