Review and Free 54 soldiers Sentenced to Death in 2015!;-Dansuki and Ex President diverted the arms’ money: – Alex Uzoma E Okeke

Evidence that the 54 Soldiers Sentenced to Death in 2015 are being treated like Insurgents while The Boko harm who killed this soldiers are being giving, and treated like kings.

On October 15th 2015, 54 soldiers charged with mutiny and cowardice were sentenced to death.

But 54 soldiers pleaded not guilty stating that they were not giving weapons to combat the terrorists. They complained that Boko Haram possessed superior fire power and as a result they refused to face the insurgents.

The superior military officers who were commanding them from different hotel rooms invited them to Abuja and arrest them and charged them with both mutiny and cowardice and the charges attracted death sentences for 54 of them.

Meanwhile, Gen. Dansuki earlier complained to Mr. President that time, Mr. Goodluck Jonathan that there was urgent need to equip the armoury. As a result, Mr. President gave him millions of naira to imported arms and ammunitions but he, Dansuki diverted the arms’ money.

However, during investigation, it was discovered that the money allocated for arms and ammunitions were used by Dansuki to bought immovable properties for himself. He was jailed for some months and he was freed since.

Meanwhile, the 54 soldiers that demanded for weapons to defend the nation against internal aggression because of his greed are perishing behind bars since 2015 while Dansuki that cornered the arms’ money is roaming the streets a free person. We are gradually making disobedience attractive and obedience unattractive.

From my own point of view, the 54 soldiers are being treated like surgents despite the fact that they helped us to know the truth about the money paid for arms and ammunitions in ex-president Jonathan’s tenure which was never bought.

Any reasonable person will agree with me that the conviction of Dansuki was an evident that the 54 soldiers are not guilty as charged. But why they are still in prison till date is what I don’t understand.

Are we in anyway saying that expired weapons makes good soldiers? And if the answer is no, then why are we still holding the soldiers down? Or are we angry that the soldiers returned alive from sambisa forest? Are we angry that they were not killed like their colleagues?

Again, the Boko Haram that caused the conflict that has taken over 500,000 lives are granted freedom and bill is being delebrated on to finance their education. Why the soldiers that demanded for weapons to contain them are being treated like insurgents. In prison, they are starved and exploited. The last time we visited them, we paid over 1000 naira before seeing them even when they wrote on the correctional centre’s notice board that visit is free. They are treated like criminals for asking for weapons to defend the nation. It is unfair.

Furthermore, I was even thinking that government should put in place some programs to pacify the maltreated soldiers. This is because their imprisonment is baseless. The money meant to buy weapons for them was diverted and now we imprisoned them for saying the truth.

If you ask me, I will say that the 54 soldiers are being treated like Boko Haram while the repented members of Boko Haram are being treated like the 54 soldiers. And now that terrorism is being rewarded with national honor, if the 54 soldiers join forces against the nation, will we survive it? What I mean is; if bloody civilians, Boko Haram will sweat the nation to this extend, what do you think it will happen if 54 trained men take arms against the country?

We need to free the 54 soldiers they are not guilty as charged. They are victim of Dansuki factor which lead to his arrest and his conviction. How can we set the man who stole the arms money and the Boko Haram that the soldiers are combating free, while the soldiers defending the country is still locked up. Their lock is not a good sign but an epitome of impending national doom.

Free the 54 soldiers!

There are no soldiers without good weapons!!

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