inspirational public speaker,degree holder in accountancy and man with his head upside-down is 40 years old (Read )

Only Almighty knows our destiny on earth. Claudio reached age 40 yesterday. The man was born with congenital arthogryposis, deformities so extreme that his mum was advised by doctors to let him die.

Luckily for him she didn’t listen, and he’s gone on to prove to the world that he can do what anyone can do, and probably do it better.

His mother said in happy mood told the press that People initially were saying “the baby is going to die” because he could barely breathe when he was born. Some people would say “don’t feed him, he is already dying”.’

But now, having taught himself to be largely independent, he considers himself normal. He is an inspirational public speaker and also has a degree in accountancy celebrating his 40th year birthday.

This is to tell you that you should never lose hope in God, always appreciate Him for any condition you find yourself.

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