19 Year Old Rafiu Adelana, Caught Having SeXX With Landlady 52, While Asleep In Ogun state

Police arrested 19 year old boy who was caught having sex with 52 year old landlady while she was asleep in Ilesan Community Ogun State, on Monday 1st March 2020.

The report gathered that, the 19 year old boy Rafiu Adelana was staying with his parents Mr and Mrs Adelana in a rented apartment. 

When the boy was interrogated how he did it and the woman Allahja Sekina Ajeigbe did even wake up during the incident. 

He said, he took a sleeping pill which his mother keep inside and put it in the landladay’s food when she was about to eat in her room.

He went back to check and notice she was asleep already, he took the opportunity immediately and started having sex with the 52 year old woman before he was caught by landladay’s daughter Latifat Ajeigbe who just came back from school. 

His mother Bolanle Adelana defend herself that she use the sleeping tablet when she find it difficult to sleep. 

On the strength of the report, the case is yet to be charged to court as the investigation is still on going on the matter. 

This is really strange.

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