Zambia Lawyer Beaten Up For Having Extramarital Affairs With Client’s Wife,catching him red handed in bed with his wife

A man who was identified as Mr Eugene Desouza has taken took to social media to share a video of him interrogating a Lawyer who he caught having s3x with his wife in Zambia.

His wife’s lover who stated that he messed up in the video, added that he knew the woman was married – he further disclosed that he had sex with Mrs. Desouza 4 times, and half of the time she visited him at home.

The distraught man who was slammed by social media users for revealing the identity of his wife who he caught having sex with a Lawyer, was also accused of assaulting and leaving the Lawyer with injuries.

The man had reportedly noticed a strange behavior from his wife shortly after he introduced her to the gym and then, started trailing his wife’s movements before catching her red handed in bed with her lover.

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