I’m in Pain”My Husband’s Manhood is too Big And it Cuases Me A Lot Of Pain”what do i do?

A woman on Tuesday took to her Instagram page to cries out the world to give her advice on what to do as she can not cope with her Husband Again.

She said she was a member of Christian church of God where they are not allowed to have intercourse before marriage and since she’s a born again she didn’t bother going through to check out her Husband private Part not until their honey moon when she saw what she has never seen in her life before.

She said her honeymoon was a bloody honey moon, she wasn’t a virgin or anything but she was bleeding furiously and her husband was to scared but now it’s been becoming a problem and she doesn’t know what to do..

She cannot take the pain and she cannot bear to lose her husband

Please tell this lady what you think would be the best advice for her to save her marriage.

And please share let’s save the lady marriage.

What do you think about this any Advice for her?

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