Pastor Godwin Osaro is a pastor in delta state, who uses his member’s unborn children for rituals; see what he says

Pastor Godwin Osaro is a pastor in delta state, he is also a popular and excelling pastor, recently he was accused of using his member unborn children for money and power rituals.

As Ill as the news sound the people who accused him were so sure of the allegations, though their facts were not based of real and visible proofs, a 4 persons witness is still strong and prevalent in a court battle. He was reported by some of his Christchurch member. “When ever he prays for expecting mothers, what he does it to carry their unborn children and use them for money rituals”said Mrs okenna.

When he was questioned he denied all allegations against him and said that God know the truth and will fight his battles for him. He is currently undergoing investigation by the police 

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