Yahoo boy Ebuka caught with his sisters head in the boot,confesses how he used her for ritual.

Ebuka Ewere the only so of his parents who came from the family of five, one boy and two girls with their parents.

MR. Ebuka the father died when they where still kids they grew up with their mother and themselves.

Egna Ebuka the mother died when Ebuka was only 21 years old, so he was left to cater for the family alone as he was the first child and only son of his parents. as time goes on Ebuka started making it big, making his siblings so proud of him without giving them a legit source of his income, he told them that he was given an opportunity to work with an import and export company in Lagos.

Early last week Ebukas sister Helen the last born got missing without any trace of her where about Ebuka reported the case to the police immediately telling them that he was ready to pay half a billion naira if they could find her for him.

on Saturday morning the police search team stopped Ebuka on his way to work as he claimed and told him to open his

boot, he refused after much bragging he opened it and they found a young girl raped in a white cloths behold its his missing sister.

He was apprehended immediately and was taken to the station. where he was forced to confess how he has been into rituals, he didn’t know that he would be asked to use his sister.

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