“Deeper!!” It’s a word we’re no stranger to! We hear it in movies, TV shows, in real life, and also during 👌👈😂….. why? Well, because sometimes, DEEPER IS BETTER🤩

If you’re not engaging in deep penetration, you’re missing out.
The truth is, there’s a lot of pleasure you’re not getting just because your sex isn’t deep enough.

Like seriously you’re missing out☹️
because there are two sensitive zones deep within the vagina that you or your partner may be able to stimulate if you’re not afraid of a little spelunking😉

• One is the A-spot

• The second spot is the O-spot.

Let’s suspend the talking for now & get to know these various sex positions that can guarantee DEEP PENETRATION 🤩

Trust me baby, I’m gonna give it to u guys in Gifs 😉 u better don’t get horny 😵🤭 of you’re interested DM for the steps into each positions.
• The Ramp

This trip is really awesome🤩, and you’re gonna enjoy it from behind.

Boy u better move those hips of yours😂 but be careful so u don’t shift her cervix to the wrong side🤭

• Cat’s Cradle

When desires ignite & take us to the unimaginable heights, we need to take a plunge into the depth of heavenly pleasure😵💦. This position somehow defines it all.

• Midair Dock

She lies sideways at the edge of the bed spreading her legs up in the air to give you the apt access to slide in and out🤩💦. It literally gives her enormous pleasure while u search for deep deep treasures😍

• Walk the wall

Her legs play a vital role in this pose. while lying down she adjusts her legs up and down your chest to set the best Deep penetration angle for you🤩💦 Boy don’t don’t be a pussy😂 give it to her Deeply🤭

• Deep impact

If u want to leave an impressive mark, this is the position! She will feel completely filled, once you’re passionately and deeply inside of her😵

Be careful boy cos this position will make ypu nuuuuuuuut💦💦

• Hot and Spicy

By keeping a leg high, ur woman creates an exciting position for u🤩

This will give her the Deep penetration & stimulation exactly where she wants it😵💦

u can see her hands… she controls you & she’s definitely gonna bring u in so deeply😵 Be ready boy!!

• Hot-Spot Superhero

Stretching herself up helps you make her feel on top of the world🤩

I won’t say anything again, if u like go and fall my hands there🙄

okay let’s continue

• The Throne

Everyone wants to be a hero in bed, but big head remember, heroes have a responsibility to satisfy and can’t afford to make mistakes.

make mistake and you’re not my student again 🚶‍♀ .

• Top Load

you can and will dominate your woman in this position and make her feel completely filled😵💦, once you’re passionately and deeply inside of her🤩 .
• Drawbridge

If you got the strength and can hold her firmly, this pose would give utter satisfaction to you both😉 but you get muscle?😂

mad ooh
no go break dick come say na me cause am oooo 😂 .

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