Mr Francis Umaga had sex with neighbor children, who are 13,16, and 12 years old,See what he confesses after being caught

”I appeared to the parents like an angel, unknowing to them I was a wolf, a beast”said Mr Francis Umaga, a teacher una a primary school in port harcourt.

Reports came in by a local reporter of how this man, slept with his neighbors 3 female children; ages 13, 16, and 12 respectively. After being caught he told the people that he becomes friend with the girls by being nice to them and showing love by buying things for them.

Mr Francis was neighbor to Mr and Mrs Akan, to them he was a widower, and a lonely man, so they felt he was harmless. “Each day he comes from work, he calls me and sisters to his backyard and tells us fairytales, we became so attached that we slept in his room most times”said peace, one of the girls.

He confessed that he calls them into his room in the evenings and talks them into taking their clothes off, after that he then lies them on the bed and threatenes them before having s€x with them. There were scared and ignorant so they couldn’t tell their parent.

After the confession people on the street said they’ll stop being kind to neighbors, while others said it’s not his fault it’s because he doesn’t have a wife.

“But that is no justification for raping someone, so he must face the law” said the police officers after putting him into thief van

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