Frustrated Son Report Father who has been Forcing him and her sister to have sex with each other since 2 years now

The father of Doyin and Felix, Mr Ajetumobi was arrested on Friday when his son friends went to report him for forcing his children to have sex with each other.

The father of this two, lives alone with them as the mother of the children is no more . The son said it all started after the death of their mother, He said the father suddenly started telling him to sleep with sister and whenever he refused he would beat him so hard and force him to do so .

The brother who is 16 while the sister is 12 have been having sex with themselves on their father command for 2 years now 

The brother said whenever they have sex their father would sit in their front and masturbate till he releases , then he would tell them to go and sleep .

The sister could not say anything cause she was so scared of their father but the brother said the sister would not talk to him or move around him , he said his sister hates him so much which lead him to tell his friends who went to report at the police station at ijagbo.

After the father was arrested the police promise to investigate well and make sure it deal with the father according to the warth of law.

While all this was going on the teacher in the school reported that the daughter have grown cold and would always cry when she is alone but would tell no one.

A child protection services promise to monitor the case and make sure the kids are ok and that the father was put away.

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