Midnight Fire: 3 Children burnt to death,Dad playing music at a function While Mother Was In A Hotel making out With Lover

In Nigeria today, we have been talking about the issue of insecurity in marriages today, where husband or wife will have side chicks outside their marriage. The Negative impact is always fatal, it can affect both couples and the children.

This is a case that happened in Anambra State, Three Children died because of the parents carelessness, According to Punch, the woman abandon the children and went to visit his lover in a hotel. This is so sad , that a woman will leave his or her children and go outside to sleep with another man.

As gathered, the Father of the children is a musician, he was not at home when the fire incident happened. The father went to perform at an event while the wife went to a near by hotel enjoying with her lover.

According to the report by the Police, the children sustained injuries and they died at the spot.

This Incident happened at Ihiala Local Government Area of the state.

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