Unbelievable:- ushers discovered human head under the Altar,Buried by their Pastor at “Gods Army Apostlelic church”

Many of us cannot tell the different between a God serving church and otherwise because we keep hearing back things about the so called MAN OF GOD.

Here is another case:

A church named Gods Army Apostlelic church received the wrath of God when some ushers discovered that a human head was under the church Altar: A place where the pastor stand and preach from
The Pastor name was identified as frank obatobi who was arrested immediately after the discovery by the police on 15th February 2020 with people opening their mouth wide and angry for how they have been deceived by this so called MAN OF GOD.

Can you imagine: human head found in a church where we are to lift up holy hands and pray. A den of the devil.

Read How it happened:

Saturdays by 6am, All ushers gather to take care of the church which includes cleaning the pulpit, and surroundings.

But as the lifted up the pulpit they saw this skull and of course this amazed them and people started gathering and then pastor was called and beaten up before the arrival of police officers.

Church is meant to be a place of worship;

But Africa in Many cases turned it to business centres where they want to make money by doing some devilish things In the name of God.

in Nigeria,we have a lot of churches and we have to pray we don’t fall victim of all this fake pastors and fake churches.

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