A pastor in Nigeria Amos Kosini has took the work of God out of hand when he decided to flog his own son until the poor child took his last breadth. Surprisingly it was noted that the pastor committed this grave crime over the allegations of witch craft in delta.

It was learnt that the pastor did not stop with only his son he also flogged two of his church member children going by the name of paradise and Godspower, where both of them sustained heavy injuries in the hands of the cleric and they are now in a bad condition at a hospital. Amos was accused of flogging the children with a copper wire to which inflict injuries that are beyond repair on them.

According to sources the incident took place in community in Ogirisen at Elume, Sapele local government area of Delta State where Amos was delivering the children for allegedly possessing spiritual power.
It was said that the children were camped in a self-contained apartment in the community.

As the news of the incident filtered in, Amos alongside his wife, reportedly flee from the community in the night apparently to avoid an imminent attack from angry community members.

Aged five years, Faithful reportedly died of the injuries inflicted on him by Amos.
Among the five children tortured by the cleric while conducting ‘spiritual deliverance’ are four females and a male – Paradise, Wonderful, Winner and Goodness.

A community youth leader who simply identified himself as courage, said, “The incident happened last week Thursday. He (Amos) tortured his son to death for being a wizard and possessing evil spirits. Community members are sad since the incident happened because they trusted and believed in him. He murdered his own son in the name of deliverance.”
According to the people that visited the community hospital where the children were taking treatment, a nurse who spoke on condition of anonymity, confirmed the incident.
“one of the children lost so much blood when she was rushed to this place. We did all we could do to revive her and she is now gradually responding to treatment,” the official said.

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