Leaked nude video: How Kannywood stars have stood and rallied around Maryam Booth

Maryam Booth Last week was eventful in the history of Kannywood as Nigeria woke up to news of a leaked nude video of actress Maryam Booth which went viral.

But how did this happen and who is behind it? Booth is a respected and popular actress who has made an impact in the Hausa film industry for many years. Since her role in ‘Dijangala’ around 2008 at the age of eight, a FKD production that was directed by Ali Nuhu and produced by Late Ahmed S. Nuhu, she has managed to remain relevant for over a decade. The leaked video has generated heated arguments, but one thing is obvious, Kannywood stars have stood by Booth. After the video was leaked, Ali Nuhu posted the picture of Maryam Booth on his verified Instagram and said, “Oh Allah nothing is easy except that which you have made easy. I pray you make it easy for her at this trying period. Stay strong daughter and may Allah protect us from the plot of enemies.”

Dimbo Atiya also posted a harsh tag, #IstandwithMbooth with her picture and wrote, “I want to categorically state here that on behalf of myself, Karachi and the entire cast of ‘Sons of the Caliphate’, we stand with Maryam Booth one of our major cast at this moment and completely condemn the actions of the person or persons who released her private videos to embarrass her. I had the amazing privilege of working with Maryam and she is one of the kindest, calm, humble people I know. So easy to work with and always taking her job seriously. Her private life and what she does with it is no one’s business and for the person who thought releasing the video was going to destroy her, you may have broken her but be rest assured she will rise because we will rally around her to make sure that happens. Maryam Booth this is not the end of your life. Do all the crying but get ready to battle and rise above this. We are solidly behind you. Allah will see you through.” Kannywood star, Yakubu Mohammed, reposted with the caption, “stay strong, Maryam.”

Nafisat Abdullahi, who was more furious, engaged many people in heated arguments on Twitter. She later posted Booth’s reaction and wrote in Hausa, “May Allah stand for you, and may he disgrace whoever has a hand in this. And may Allah remove from us all our enemies.” Another Kannywood actress, Maryam AB Yola said, “we love you so much and will always be there for you no matter what it takes. No condition is permanent it will come to pass in sha Allahu. Nobody can run away from his destiny. We love you so much and nothing can change that love. I stand with Maryam Booth.” Sani Danja wrote, “Stay strong. Only Allah can bring down someone, not a fellow human being.” Meanwhile, in solidarity with her, many actors added Booth to their names on social media. Leading is director Aminu S. Bono who wrote, “in solidarity with our colleague, I have decided to change my Instagram username to Aminubooth.” Director Sheikh Isa Alolo also changed his Instagram username to sheikh_isa_alolo_booth, and also posted Booth’s picture with the caption, “good morning my darling.” Teema Makamashi wrote, “We are with you my darling. There will be light at the end of the tunnel. May Allah help you out.” The multi-talented Falalu A. Dorayi also reacted on the issue and wrote, “I don’t support immorality. Either engaging or leaking it out. I am more convinced that if you see somebody doing something that is wrong, you should meet and call his attention, not leak out to blackmail. “It’s better for a true believer to help cover up the secret of his brother, than leak it out because all of us are sinners and Allah covers our secret. May Allah protect us from all evil and tribulations.” In his reaction, the chairman of Kannywood Guild of Artistes, Alhassan Kwalle, told news men that the nude video of the 26-year-old actress would not make them ban her from the Hausa movie industry.

He said unlike what happened in the past involving another actress, Maryam Iyana, that led to her ban from the industry, Maryam Booth’s case was different as it was deliberately meant to blackmail her. He described Booth as a victim of blackmail and conspiracy. Kwalle also lamented about the negative perception of Kannywood artistes in the society, blaming that for the ordeal many of the actresses usually suffer.

He said that the person who captured the video purposely released it after he threatened her to give him some undisclosed amount of money to take his ailing mother to hospital. Kwalle promised that the industry will support Booth in her trying moment until justice is served, adding that two people, a male and a female are suspected of releasing the video. Reacting about the video in a statement on Twitter, Booth alleged that her ex, one Ibrahim Ahmad Rufai, popularly known as Deezell, was responsible for leaking the video. But Rufai has denied this. Booth claimed that he had severally threatened to blackmail her. She vowed to sue whoever is responsible for leaking the video. On his part, Rufai has vehemently denied the allegation, calling it false and demanded an apology from Booth.

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