SAD:See how NYSC member is raped by school proprietor (Mr. Micahel Anigholor)in Sapele, on first day of her work.

Casala don burst for Sapele Delta. A proprietor of a school Mr. Micahel Anigholor was arrested for the alleged rape of a youth corps member sent to his school.

It was said that on her first day she went to the school for her registration and documentation and afterwards the proprietor too her to his house in Sapele and then raped her.

She reported the case to the police who then stormed the school (Grace Life International) to arrest the accused.

While many people sympathize with her and condemn the actions of the proprietor and rightly so, some other people are questioning the corper’s decison to follow an older man who she just met for the first time.

They feel that she is partly responsible for the deed.

What are you thoughts people? write them in the comments section.

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