Most men are just after immediate pleasure”How I Lost My Virginity On Valentine’s Day, Reverend Sister Confesses”

Not every man out there has a good intention for any girl in his life. Most men are just after immediate pleasure, while some are after long term pleasure, but end up jilting the lady in the end.
From the beginning, I had been a stanch Catholic. I became a reverend sister at age 24. I had a strong stance against premarital affairs. Many men made advances at me, but I declined all. Of course, it was against my belief to do that. I accepted that sacrifice when I made the ultimate decision to become a Catholic sister.
I had heard many talk about their premarital experiences, even some of my fellow sisters. I wondered why they would break their vows of chastity to dwell in the things of the world. Little did I know that they already hatched a plan to get me entangled with someone.
One cool evening, my sisters and I decided to take a walk outside the confines of the church. They were to introduce me to a guy (as they had already planned), and I never knew all the time. After walking for a couple of minutes, a tall, fair, and huge figure approached and greeted us. He was charming and nice. The sisters introduced him to me and explained that they had known him a long time ago. They also said he was a Catholic. That part really got me excited!
The young man who introduced himself as Ken kept visiting at odd hours afterwards, even though I warned him not to. But eventually, we became fond of each other and I began to let my guard down. Gradually, I began to do what I swore not to, and I soon joined my co sisters in their league.
On the evening of February 14, (Valentine’s Day) I snuck out of my room just to visit Ken. He already knew I was coming. My little walk to his house seemed adventurous. I was excited as I could feel his love in the air.
On getting to his house, we immediately got down to business. There was no time for questions at all. We both knew it was going to happen, and it did. But the aftermath is what I still regret even to this day. That was my worst choice ever since I was born.
Few weeks after that event, I got pregnant for Ken. But when I told him about it, he denied sleeping with me. He even said he was under the influence of alcohol on that fateful night and didn’t know what transpired between us. He got angry, beat me to a pulp, and threw me out of his apartment. It was then it dawned on me that I had been used. I immediately recalled all my vows, and realised what I had done to myself. My heart was troubled and my conscience wouldn’t let me be.
I told my fellow sisters about my condition hoping to find solace in their presence, but they mocked me instead. In the end, I was left to bear all the pains and shame alone. Eventually, the church authorities heard of it and I was subsequently dismissed from the parish. They called me a whore, an abomination, and all other unsavoury names. To make matters worse, even my co sisters joined in calling me those names. Oh, if only I had maintained my chastity!
As it is right now, I don’t know what to do or where to go. I have been considering suicide, or doing an abortion, but that would also be a grievous sin in the sight of God. What then do I do?

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