Favor Oyebajo Kills Her Husband Kunle Oyebajo,After Discovering Husband Is Legally Married To Another Woman With Kids from Abia state.

A woman has reportedly killed her husband and took her life also in oyo state,after discovering her husband of 20 years is also in a 17-years secret marriage with another woman.

The husband, Kunle Oyebajo And his late wife got married in 1999 after exchanging vows and signing their marriage papers.

They had 2 wonderful kids together and live happily until the news get to the wife.

Reports said after three years of their marriage , the husband met with another woman in Abia State while he was at a function for work, lied to her he’s divorced and his 2 kids lives with their mother which she believe easily and They get along well for the first 6months and he proposed to her.

They had a low-key wedding with Kunle’s Brother Who was present at the party of the engagement.Due to the nature of his job his first wife was in the dark and he leaves no traces of his actions and kept the big secrets for more than 15 years.

Last Year He had a terrible accident when coming back from Abia state to Oyo And was in a coma for more than 2months which led to the two women coming in contact with each other and the sad story was told to both of them.

Mrs favor Oyebajo out of anger who feels she has been betrayed by the man who she has loved with all her heart and in a very bad state picked up a knife stab the man multiple times and as well stabbed herself and died on the spot.
Their bodies have been deposited into the nearest mortuary and the other wife is been questioned

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