Proofs That Abia Is Dominated By Cowards Whose Political Leaders Are Largely Self Seekers :-By Dodoh okafor

  1. Chinedu Theodore Orji remaining as the speaker of the Abia State House of Assembly.

How on earth is a man who evidently looted tens of billions of naira belonging to the state still standing as the #3 citizen even after several national newspapers published evidence of his graft and blind stealing of the resources of this state?

  1. Are there men in the Abia House of Assembly? Why are APC and APGA Parliamentarians not calling for the immediate resignation of Chinedu Theodore Orji?
  2. What is Theodore Orji still doing in the Senate?

Why are we not on the streets protesting and demanding his immediate resignation? Have we become so numb that we are not moved by the blind stealing of our Commonwealth by this greedy, unconscionable thief of a politician?

  1. Orji Uzor Kalu representing Abia North from a Lagos Prison.

Orji Uzor Kalu, the man who started the grand thievery that we mistake for governance in Abia was in December 2019 sentenced to 12 years imprisonment for stealing billions belonging to the state. Two months after, no serious efforts are in place to recall him from the Senate.

Question is: can Orji Uzor Kalu effectively represent us from a prison hole? If now, why are we not doing the needful? Must this thief remain our senator?

  1. Abia Workers keeping quiet while Ikpeazu continues to grow fat on their salaries and entitlements.

Okezie Ikpeazu is the worst thing that has happened to Abia state since the beginning of time. The man is incompetent, clueless and sadistic. He has refused to pay Abia Workers and pensioners for for than 24 months. Yet- these workers are refusing to rise against him- to ask questions and insist on being told why this most unproductive character has refused to pay them despite earning more than 5 billion naira monthly on behalf of the state.

  1. Even more confounding in all of these is the silence of the political elites to the debauchery going on in the state.

Has APC in Abia reacted to the grand looting of the state’s resources by Theodore Orji and his son? What of the other parties except APGA? How do you call yourself an opposition party and not be stunned by the mind-boggling revelations published in the papers last weekend?

  1. As I have said repeatedly, thank God for the lone voice of Alex Otti.

If not for the galvanizing and strategic commitment of Otti and his team to challenging the rot in the state, Theodore and his boy could possibly have auctioned off the state. Imagine if we had had just one more leader with Otti’s reach, influence and passion in the state.

  1. Sadly, those who ought to speak out against the madness and thievery going on in Abia have taken refuge in “blood tonic ” induced silence. However, I have one promise for them: in the fullness of time, everyone shall earn his due recompense.

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