After meeeting Philip 5 years ago at a Crusade,aborting 6 times for him,he still went Ahead to marry my best Friend.

I prefer to be anonymous. I’m 28 years old. I met Philip about 5 years ago at a Crusade in Lagos and since then, he has been asking me out. I only accepted his proposal 4 months after, when I saw he wasn’t going to stop begging me to date him.

Getting to date a guy again after my first bitter experience was a big task but because I saw his dedication and relentlessness, I decided to give Philip a chance. He said all sort of sweet words, promising to marry me after he gets a job and I believed him. I

moved in with him months after at the one room apartment he was staying. I didn’t care of his financial status, I loved him anyway and nothing that my friends said changed my mind.
I saw him as a man with a bright future and he is intelligent and good looking too. we started out as friends, no strings attached but as time went on, our relationship grew more stronger.

We had s*x 5 times a week and when I suggested we cut the number of time we made love, he said he can’t do without it. I wanted to please him, satisfy him in whichever way I could and I tried my best to make sure he’s satisfied sexually.

I aborted 6 times for him because he said he wasn’t ready to father a child and I understood because at the time, there was no money. A time came when I placed a call to one of my uncles that worked in one of the big oil companies in Port Harcourt. Finally, he got the job as an Executive Marketer and we moved into a Duplex in Port Harcourt and for the first few months, he treated me well but everything changed soon after he got back from a business trip to Abuja.
I asked him several times what the problem was but he kept telling me everything was okay but I knew everything wasn’t okay. He stopped discussing marriage plans with me and started complaining of how thick i was becoming and how older I looked. That really got to me so I enrolled for gym session just to make sure I look attractive but he didn’t notice anything.
I noticed that he travelled more often and when I asked him where he was going to, his response was always “On business trips”. But little did I know that he was going to see his fiancé. I later found out that he has been married to my friend. When I confronted him, he said he was sorry and that he didn’t mean to hurt me. he offered to send me 15 million naira but money won’t bring back the wasted years, neither will it heal the pains I went through during the abortions.
Now, I’ve given up on life. I don’t think I can ever love again. I’m heartbroken and I feel like there’s nothing to live for. What will my parents say , what will my friends say? What will I do now?

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