A message to all runs girls in Nigeria, mostly those of Edo,IMO etc

Why is your greatest achievement tied to your thighs?

Dear young lady, why is your greatest achievement tied to your thighs? Why are you worth the price of the highest bidder because of your vagina?

When will some young ladies stop making other hardworking, enterprising and focused ladies look brainless and materialistic?

How come you cannot think for yourself, live life on your terms and create the life you deserve by yourself?

Young lady, what is your greatest achievement in life
Why is your life’s calling the girlfriend, baby mama and side chick of rich and popular men?

Why is your greatest achievement tied to your thighs and the amount of money men are willing to pay for your oil rig?
Why are you an ex to so many celebrities and why does fighting over these men in public keep you going in life?

Why do you keep hanging on to these men and boys who disrespect and reduce your self worth?

Why must your existence be validated by being linked to different men whose names you cling to like oxygen?
Will you still stand if these names are removed from yours?

Will you still have your expensive dresses, shoes, bags and accessories after these men are done with you?
Can you still maintain your lifestyle and go on annual vacations when these men turn their backs on you?

Where will you start from when there are no more men to latch onto and there are less celebrities to bank on?

When God created you, He gave you talents and gifts. He provided you with what you needed to go through life.
All you needed to do was work with what you have to get the money you need.

The only way for you to find yourself was by your own creative work.
Stop cheapening yourself by claiming demeaning names just because you have refused to use your brain and work for your money.

Even if you lack wisdom, receive brain to be enterprising this year. Receive sense to make your own money and receive respect to stop clinging to other people’s names.

Young lady, receive sense to be a better version of yourself this year.

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