Sex can be awesome. But sometimes sex can cause pain, whether it’s before, during, or after having sex😪. Let’s face it,(+18)


Sex can be awesome. But sometimes sex can cause pain, whether it’s before, during, or after having sex😪. Let’s face it,

everyone has experienced pain with sex in one form or another💔
There are a number of common reasons for painful sex, & there’s even a medical name for the condition: dyspareunia. u can often fix, or at least reduce, the problem of painful sex. If the painful sex is one that u can’t fix on ur own, you should definitely speak with ur doctor🙏

Here are some of the reasons sex might be painful. The good news is that u can almost always deal with the issues that cause sex to be painful so that u can have enjoyable sex.


When u have sex for the first time, you’re stretching ur hymen, which could cause painful sex. Or u might not have been aroused enough before the penetration happened. When u are aroused, ur vagina lengthens, making room for a penis.

u also become lubricated when u’re aroused. If you’re not sufficiently lubricated, intercourse will probably hurt from friction caused by thrusting.

Make sure u are aroused before intercourse next time through plenty of foreplay & ask ur guy to start slowly when he’s thrusting u can let him know if the sex is painful, or u can give him directions on what to do, such as telling him to slow down a bit.

please if you’re a lady, DM me so I give u the complete info about this🙏

for the boys, make the below thread part of you 👇

  1. TOO DRY

If u aren’t producing enough lubrication before intercourse happens, it could cause painful sex. u might wish to have sex, but u just aren’t producing enough natural lubrication. This could happen, even after lots of foreplay💔

maybe you’re taking allergy pills or birth control pills, both of which can also lead to dryness. For some women, their bodies just never produce enough natural lubrication to make sex comfortable, & that’s fine!

  1. TENSE

If you’re anxious & tense about having sex, penetration will probably be painful because u aren’t lubricated enough, meaning that sex can hurt. The solution here is to relax and ditch ur sexual anxiety. Maybe u just need a good massage.


Infections, such as a yeast infection, can cause painful sex because ur vagina is in pain, & will stay that way until you treat it. Yeast infections cause unbearable itching & burning, & there is vaginal discharge. If ur vagina hurts, so will intercourse💔

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