Nigerian Couple trend after they held their wedding in Lagos without reception,No hall. No Mc,No DJ.Just take away.

A newly-wed couple is trending on social media after they held theirchurch wedding over the weekend and didn’t have a reception afterwards.

The couple, whose names were simply given as Augustus and Vivian, tied the knot in St. Dennis Catholic Church in Bariga on Saturday, February 8.

After exchanging their vows in the church, the couple shared a souvenir to everyone after Mass and they cut their cake at the exit door of the church and everyone took a piece and went home.

The ceremony ended before 1pm.

A priest shared their photos on Facebook, writing:

“Today’s wedding between Augustusand Vivian in St Denis Catholic Church Bariga was particularly different in a very cool and sweet way. The bride and groom were beautifully dressed. A friend of mine Edith Kush did the make up for the bride. The wedding was done with the bride and the groom exchanging their vows to each other lovingly. That was the highpoint of the whole thing.

“The food and souvenir were beautifully packaged together and were distributed to all that came just immediately after the mass. They had the cutting of the cake just at the exit door of the church. No reception. No hall. No Mc. No DJ. Noevent planner. No aseobi. No bridaltrain. Just the essential. Before 1pm everyone was already on their way home and to their other businesses, including the couple. On Sunday they will come for thanksgiving after having consummated the marriage without stress.”

Couple trend after they held their wedding in Lagos without having a reception

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