See What Best Man Shamelessly Did On His Friend’s Wedding Day and the wife gave him access to the kingdom

Following a picture that appeared on a media some moments ago, a young man aspiring to get married soon disclosed that he will change the narrative of having a best man at his wedding, adding that none of his close friends should even expect that.

According to him after seeing how a best man betrayed the trust of his friend on their wedding day, nobody should be trusted.

This media understands that the guy had come to the conlusion with his statement after having a glance at the below pictures in a post on the media platform.

See photo below;

Looking closes at the above picture, the real husband has got his eye and whole attention on the cameraman taking the shots, while the next person behind his wife was captured grabbing her from behind.

In what is described as open breach of trust.

The question here is, having seeing the above, should the guy come to a
conclusion of not having a best man?

And If you are the one, what will you do to your best man if he does this to you?

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