Ijeoma lost her virginity to her uncle at the age of 10, but could not tell my mummy

Wonders shall never end as this story narrated by a lady who only identified her self as Ijeoma.

She wrote.

“What happened in my life in the past 13 years seems to me like yesterday, i was just seven years in the family of six plus mummy and daddy and 3 other siblings am the last born in the family but there is this my uncle then he comes to visit us once in a while.

He comes to our house one faithful Saturday morning mom and dad has went to work, i was bathing outside as usual he told me, i dont know to bath he offered to come and teach me how to bath.

I accepted him as my as my uncle while he was bathing me i saw something risen up in his trouser i dont know what is, he started touching my under body and back rubbing me continiously.

He is my uncle, He is bigger than me i couldnt say any thing he took me to our room from there he pulled something into my body and bl00d start rushing from my body it was too painfull i could not tell my mum or anybody what happened and i kept it with me till this day. Its eating up my soul anytime i remember that incident.
Some one should Advice me what should i do to wipe this memory”.

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