Soldiers slapped civilian 26 times for asking her out in President Jonathan govt,No Deji ,Human right or Amnesty (see pictures / video)

Female soldier mercilessly beat civilian who call her “pretty”

She slapped him 26 times for calling pretty,

The so called human right didn’t speak much About it the way many are attacking @muhammadubuhari
Government. No @yelesho
Or deji or @humanrightswatch , sew this.

Video of a female soldier mercilessly beating a civilian that refers to her as “pretty “, she and some of her male colleagues joined hands together to deal with the civilian,

While beating him, she refer to him as a bastard and an ingrate, she claimed she broke her arms in the course of training, according to her, the civilian asked her out and also call her pretty.

After beating him, he was ordered to lye down on his back and raise his hand and leg up along with another guy.

To be candid, the civilian is a brave man for asking a military woman in military wears out, I think he deserves a medal. I don’t think the young committed any offence by expressing his feelings so he shouldnt be treated that way.

Do you think the guy was wrong?

Do you think beating the guy is the best solution?

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