“It Is The Banana,Groundnut And Honey Aboki gave us That Caused It”-Rapist Boshi Jasmen, from Benue state who Raped A Lady To Death

A 26-year-old man by name Boshi Jasmen, from Benue state has been apprehended my the officers of the Nigerian police for murder.

He was arrested in the early hours of Monday evening. He was alleged to have raped a 22 year old lady (name withheld) who was on her way to the hospital.

According to reports and the information from the victim’s mother, it was disclosed that the lady was sick and she had an appointment to meet her doctor on Monday evening.

Unfortunately for her, she fell into the hands of a rapist who claimed he was under drugs. She was dragged into a near-by bush, beaten and raped to death.

He would have escaped his deeds, but was unlucky to have been spotted by a trader who intervened in the scene.

According to him, he admits his offense and confessed that they were three of them who had planned the rape. But the two had escaped before he was caught.
In his words he said:

“I didn’t intend to kill her please, it is the banana, groundnut and honey introduced to us by one Aboki that made me lose control.”
The news has now been spreading all over the social media, with the online users calling for him to be hanged. The officers of the police are now in the search for his partners who joined him in committing the said crime.

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