Chinese mother who gave birth to a “monkey look baby” refused to sell it to acrobatic troupe

Every child from the moment of birth is expected by parents. As a parent, the most concern is not only children’s education, but also their health.

In this world, there are some children because of congenital defects, in addition to bringing pain to their lives, it is also a kind of torture for parents.

In Hunan Province, there is a mother who suffers from such torture. This woman gave birth to a child with congenital closed forehead.

This disease will hinder the normal life of the child. Generally speaking, children with this disease cannot grow up after they are three years old.

After her baby was born, she was much smaller than the normal newborn, and her whole face looked like a “little monkey”.

In other people’s eyes, such a child is very funny, but as a mother, there is only pain. Once an acrobatic troupe wanted to buy the child, but mother refused resolutely.

Although the child looks different from ordinary child, the mother does not abandon her only because of the child’s defects, nor does she use the child’s appearance to get money.

Instead, she always accompanies the child and strives for the best treatment for the child.

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