After they Killed His Wife For Not Paying N150 Million Ransom, Bandits are Demanding N20 Million To Free his Kids

The killers of the wife of Dr. Philip Ataga, have again demanded for N20 million ransom to release the Children after they murdered the wife for failing to raise N150 million for her release.

His wife and children were kidnapped in Kaduna by bandits last week.

The bandits have executed his wife for failing to pay the N150, 000, 000.00 ransom they demanded.

The whiskers are presently demanding for N20, 000, 000.00 ransom for the children.

His only offense is, building a police station which was commissioned recently close to his house.

His lovely family has been destroyed for his philanthropic gesture in trying to help his community by building a police station which the government could not provide.

Dr. Ataga, would have withheld his kind gesture if only he knew his good gesture will destroy his family.

Please, let’s pray for the kids safe return.

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