“Why we wanted to bomb winners chapel Church located in kaduna” :-Arrested terrorist confesses

Yesterday sunday the 2nd of feburary 2020, and of course the first sunday of the month which is usually a thanks giving sunday at every church.

A thanks giving sunday would have become a bloody sunday if the security operatives of the church and the nigerian police (living faith church) had not moved swiftly into action after detecting a suicide bomber trying to plant a bomb in the church premises.

The suspect was about detonating an explosive device when he was apprehended after being monitored and exposed by a CCTV in the church

Eyewitnesses claim that this was not the first time the suspect was at the premises What could have turned out as a large-scale tragedy was on Sunday, February 2, avert after a bomber said to be at a Winners Chapel building in Kaduna was discovered and arrested by policemen.

When he was asked why they wanted to bomb the church, the man said ” we planned to bomb the church due to the fact that this is a northern and an islamic region” .
Eyewitnesses at the church revealed that the suspect, whose identity is yet to be made known, was with Improvised Explosive Device (IED) in one of the toilets when he was detected by CCTV and exposed.

It was also disclosed that this is not the first time the suspect is coming to the pretence in the guise of being a member of the parish

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