The powerful Benin woman,Agnes Uwadia. who empowers internet fraudsters is dead

The well known Iye yahoo or Iya yahoo from Idumuebo in Edo state is dead. The foremost traditional doctor who specializes in doing empowerment charms for yahoo Boys slept last night but didn’t wake up this morning. According to her eldest son the woman was not sick before now. She showed no symptoms of ailments before she passed away this morning. Boys who came for empowerment were thrown into deep sorrow when they discovered that mama is dead

The woman who has three upstairs and seven jeeps is a chief in her community. Her real name is Agnes Uwadia. She used to be a traditional midwife before she became an empowerment medium for yahoo Boys from delta, edo, Anambra, Kogi, benue, ogun lagos and even ondo and osun states.

According to Emeka one of her customers no matter how hard a client is, mama will make the client pay. You can’t resist her charms. I didn’t know her on time. Before I knew her all my friends were already rich now am the unfortunate one. Why must Iye yahoo die when I have not make money.

He lamented sitting in the front of his Lexus jeep. My village people did this. Mama have been alive since, it was only when I started patronizing her that she died.

Why did she not die since, he sobbed. The man who refused to be consoled said he came from Imo state. He picked up his phone and began to call others that mama had died, within five hours, Idumuebo was filled with Lexus and Mercedes Benz jeeps.
Mama even gave her community two transformers, three boreholes and four blocks of classrooms for her people. She was well-known. Even her driver uses a Lexus jeep as his personal car. Mama will be missed. Moreso, those she had empowered refused to believe that mama is dead.

They are even suggesting if they can fly her to India to see if they revive her. Emeka who didn’t leave Idumuebo till 6pm was the most devastated. He said a client was giving him tough time and he needed to use mama extra power to push the client to pay now mama is gone. Worst of it all is that mama didn’t reveal the charm to anyone or even her children. She used to say that she was born with it and will also die with it. She used to assure her clients that when she dies and reincarnate, she will still retain the power. All they need do is to find where she reincarnated from. Are you mama’s client, please know it that she is dead km

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